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Called my dr to tell them about this rib pain I’ve been having under my breast and her response put ice on it Smh

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— this might sound weird but are you tall or short ? i had the same pain in the same exact area and when i told my doctor she told me usually when the baby is growing bigger they stretch out more and shift around a lot and especially someone being short it’ll hurt more because the space the baby is taken up

— @jailienmaldonado, I’m 5”11

— you should definitely ask for a check up because it could also be your gallbladder which is common in pregnancy

— That’s crazy!! There are so many things it could be

— @jailienmaldonado, @iuiblessing2018, I’m on my way to the hospital i can’t take no chances

— keep us posted

— @brittany88, I would have them check your white blood count to be 100% sure it’s nothing linked to your blood platelets which could mean organ failure and all kind of stuff.

— @brittany88, oh good. Keep us posted hope they get you some answers

— I had pain under my right breast and it turned out it was my gallbladder. Never had issues with it until pregnancy. Honestly it’s the worst pain ever and I would always have attacks at night. Had to change my diet to a low fat/fat free diet to help keep it under control. I also had back pain on my right side that went along with it. Good luck, hope you get answers soon!

— Happened to me when my bra is to tight

— 😂😂 😂 I've been having it too .. and there isn't much they can do while we're pregnant I used to call for everything now it's to the point they haven't been any help I don't call at all .. we're almost there chica hang in there! 💓💓 💓