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People say she looks just like me(I don't see it anymore) but she acts just like her dad it kills me 😂😬

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— Seriously shes literally a little you 😍😍💕

— @pie. Thank you. I don't see it anymore 😔 I did when she was fresh 😂😂

— She is a lil u all the way

— So I was going thru my screenshots to show my husband a meme and this pic was in there (I deleted it) I snatched my phone so quick like omg how did this get screenshotted. I think when the baby had my phone he must have screenshot it 🤦‍♀️

— @aussiexjane awh aha he probably thought we were cute had to save it for later just kidding 😂😂 but that is funny

— @taylorsmommy1017 lol probably, drooling all on my phone. He has been into little baby girls lately lol jk.