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Anyone every find out the gender early and it be wrong ?!?

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— That happens frequently. The best time to find out the gender is about 20 weeks. It will be most accurate.

— The youtubers I watch, found out early and it’s not that gender

— My baby was supposed to be a girl and came out a boy. We didn’t find out the gender early per say. I was 21 weeks I believe. Could you have them recheck when you’re a bit further along?

— With the blood tests that can be done at 10 weeks, it’s far less likely to happen, but an ultrasound prior to 16 weeks is not the most accurate way.

— @hail, I didn’t go yet I was gonna do a 16 week scan ! Just wondering my odds

— @pookiedoo, I would be 16 weeks but I’m kinda nervous now lol

— @nurse_mommy, I think at 16 weeks it should be pretty accurate. We had a scan at 11 weeks with our son and it was accurate, but the tech warned us not to rush out and buy everything blue. Lol

— Found out at 15 weeks and still correct ❤️

— @pookiedoo, true. The 16 week one would be one I pay for. I think the doctor orders one at 21 weeks so we will see if it’s the same gender lol 😂

— The baby's fathers sister was pregnant and up until a month she gave birth they said it was a girl. At 8 months they saw a little thing and she ended up having a boy.

— Yes! At 18wks with my first son the Doctor not Technician said he was a girl. Lol... 😂💗💙 The Tech said boy and she was right.

— @bethanytharp17, omg that’s too late to be finding out!!

— @qsmith1987, Awee lol 😂 you got me nervous 😟

— I'm not saying wait until then lol but once you hit it shouldn't change

— @nurse_mommy, Lol!

— @bethanytharp17, I know lol I’m just gonna cross my fingers it stays the same

— Lol I hope it does. I was told at 13 weeks it's a girl and hasn't changed yet.

— And I had to jinx myself haha. I found out this morning at my ultrasound it's actually a boy.

— @bethanytharp17, omg 😮 I’m sorry

— It's okay. I was hoping to have a boy and haven't bought anything yet until I was sure. Thank God I didn't. But it can change. I felt I was having a boy and when they told me I was having a girl, I was disappointed. But now I know that my instinct was right. Follow your instinct girl. It's right.

— @bethanytharp17, at least it wasn’t last minute and you bought everything !! That’s what I’m scared of. Buying everything and giving birth to the opposite lol 😂