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RANTING::: Can’t stand old folks who try to tell you how to raise your baby. Like ‘don’t spoiled your baby.. don’t pick them too quick when they cry..pick them up when they cry. Don’t hold them all the times’ like wtf... I do what I want to do. I know my child and their ‘I’m hungry’ cry, their ‘I’m wet’ cry.. and then have the nerve to tell me ‘do what you want, it’s your baby’. I don’t need your two cents. I got a whole dollar already..

On top of all that, when I tell you I don’t do a certain things or do certain things with my baby, don’t tell me ‘well, IM going to do it.’ You better NOT.. (no way in hell im asking you to watch my baby.. 🙅🏻‍♀️)

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— People don’t know how to keep their personal opinions up their ass smh

— @mamauv, exactly right. And I’ve been a mom before so it’s not like this is all new to me. Even if it is, it’s still my child. I know my child better than anyone.

— @aileen_west, exactly they swear you don’t know shit as if there isn’t books , trusted family and motherly instinct

— @mamauv, 💕💕 and i tried to vent to a good friend of mine about. But it hard to vent to her who isnt a mom yet. If anything, just let me vent but don’t say something that you don’t know from experience. If that make sense. Is that mean to say?

— @aileen_west, makes lot of sense when someone vents it’s for you to listen anyways unless they ask for opinion

— I didn’t ask for opinions. Just venting @mamauv, 😕

— @aileen_west, I feel you on that then

— Dude my mil is like this she says we spoil our son by picking him up too much. Then when he's crying she's the first to come tell us he needs to be quiet bc hes gonna wake up the neighborhood. And she gives him foods we don't approve of behind our backs. Like uhmm, you had your chance, let me raise my son please.

— @deliciouslyprofoundturtle, omg how annoying. I hate when they say something that we should and shouldn’t do but here they go, doing it or not doing it. And the fact they gave him foods you don’t approves, how rude!! That’s what I’m afraid of if I have her watch my daughter You know what’s crazy.. is that prior to me giving birth, I had a conversation with my husband about what if his mom asked us about getting our daughter baptize cuz I’m Buddhist (i mean I was raised that) and my husband was raised catholic but now doesn’t really follow a belief.. and guess what she asked us at the hospital that day I had my daughter ? Yep. And I looked at my husband like giving him the eyes ‘you better shut that down foo’.

— @aileen_west I was so mad when I found out! Because it was when he first started eating purees and I found out she started giving him bananas at 4 months! Because she thought we were starving him by waiting til the recommended 6 months. 😤 Good for standing your ground! Set some ground rules now for the future and if she breaks them I'd say no more then. I wouldn't totally cut her off right away though but your baby your rules (as it should be)

— @deliciouslyprofoundturtle, 😱😱 wow I’m gonna let this time go because my hubby wasn’t there when she said the things she did. And she knew she upset me cuz she mention it to my husband. But next time won’t be so lucky. Btw how are things now with your mil?

— @aileen_west they've gotten better. It's still hard though because its things here and there but I had to learn to let at least the little things go. Plus I have my SO to stand up for me and out son. Like for ex, my son just had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and the day we were gonna take him to the doctor she got mad because instead of going to do a walk in appointment (and wait around for hours) I called and made an appointment with our ped for early that afternoon. She said some horrible things to my SO about how my son would suffer brain damage because he had a fever and we were just letting it slide instead of taking him to the ER. 😤 I knew he didn't have a fever of more than 103 so I knew there wasnt much that they could do, but she was mad I wasn't reacting right away.

— @deliciouslyprofoundturtle, 🙄 wow. I think my husband is coming around a lot more as far as understanding how she is toward people that didn’t grew up around her like her kids has. So the things she says, can come across rude and disrespectful to other people and we can’t say anything back cuz that’s disrespecting our elders. I’m understanding a lot more now from my sister in law’s husband perspective cuz he and my MIL always go at it lol