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I’m not sure if this is normal or not.
Imogen-grace has done this about 4-5 times since she was born.
She has been unsettled all afternoon, she started winging so I went to give her some more of her milk and I put the bottle in her mouth and she’s liturally chucked up so badly all over both of us. It comes out her Mouth and nose. It’s white and thick and ALOT. It’s like the bitty formula. Would you say it’s trapped wind bringing it up or the formula it’s self? She’s done it before and I put it down to the heat , but tonight it’s not warm at all. Should I try colife before changing her formula?

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— I wouldn't say that's trapped wind, is she projectile vomiting? I would take her the doctors or see the health visitor and see what they suggest first x

— @abbyrose, yeah it is. It’s not just what I would call a sicky burp it’s quite violent

— Could be reflux or a cow milk allergy I’d take her to the gp before changing any milk xx

— @ezchaz, it’s not every bottle. Would it be all the time if she was allergic? X

— I'd say it sounds like acid reflux it's classic for them to cry befor vomiting because it hurts them get an appointmentwith doctor tomorrow x

— @rachaellw sounds like reflux but I don't have first hand experience of it so not sure. Defo try gp first xx

— Could she still have mucus and that's her bringing it up? Does also sound a bit like reflux but that's usually every feed, I would defo speak to health visitor or doctor xx

— @jodiedillon3, oh ok yeah she did cry before hand. What can I do to help in the mean time? X

— When I meantioned it to he hv before she said it was her mucus. But could that still be happening? @whiteford.lisa05, x

— @rachaellw, I think it’s more of a reflux issue try prop her up for half an hour after every feed and defo go along to the gp xx

— @rachaellw does she get hiccups a lot too ? And keeping up right when feeding and keeping her upright for at least half an hour after a feed will help a lot when she is asleep prob her up a little so she is tilted it will help keep it down xx

— @rachaellw I agree with the other girls, sounds like reflux. My little girl had this and she's been on gaviscon since a couple weeks old. Take her the doctors tomorrow

— @jodiedillon3, she’s gets hiccups at least once a day. Ok that’s great I’ll do that. What can the dr do for her?

— @rachaellw frequent hiccups are also a sign of reflux and also coughing and gagging and choking during feeding and the doctor might prescribe something for it like infant gavascon and maybe advise a reflux formula because I little thicker so it will stay down xx

— @jodiedillon3, yeah she gags a lot and we have to break during their feeds I just thought it was her getting used to having a bottle. Oh I feel bloody awful now making her drink this all this time with out thinking there was something wrong 😥

— @rachaellw yeah sounds lile reflux small frequent feeds will also help so she doesn't have so much in her tummy at once and don't feel awful Harvey had this too and I had no clue for like a month and I thought the same don't worry about it it can be fixed 😊xx

— @jodiedillon3, ok I’ll do that. I suppose because my first never had it so i never thought anything about it. I’ll ring start away in the morning. Thank you girls xxx

— @rachaellw tbh i never even knew it existed till Harvey had it 😂 you can also give the colife it will also help most of them help with reflux too xx