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We Have A Long Way To Go!!!

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— Now stop that bragging bc you know that I have two little bald headed babies over here 😂😂😂. I would love to have that beautiful, thick hair to comb😍😍😍.

— 🤣🤣🤣🤣 be my guest honey...I thought I wanted a lil girl with a lot thick long hair...but now that I'm the one that has to do it...I change my mind

— Lol! I can imagine but at least it'll hold. With shorter hair I'm having to comb it everyday so I take her to get it braided. It's costly though especially for a 3 yr old smh

— if I didn't know how to braid she would be in SOL...I'm ready for her to be able to do her own hair

— I don’t even want to start my daughters hair. My hands hurt already!! Smh

— What do you use in her hair or what’s your routine? My daughter has mix textured hair so when I braid it it’ll get the bumps but if I leave it in a Afro it’ll look so nice and curly but once it dries it looks completely dry. Idk what to do

— Wow so long

— @shannae3 I just got done... thank goodness

— @sagwaenglish her hair is the same's really soft and curly...I do a hot oil treatment once a month and I deep condition it Everytime I take out a's looks really cute and neat when I first get done but give it a day and her hair will start curling back up

— @one_coolmama girl I's to much sometimes

— @perfect_imperfection, which oils do you use

— I noticed Cantu seems to work for her and other people hate it

— @sagwaenglish yes I love Cantu for's so good on her hair...and the vitamin E oil from the beauty supply's in a little tube and cost like $1.99

— I’ll definitely be purchasing that because coconut oil dries up her hair bad

— @sagwaenglish I have never used coconut oil for her...I mainly just stick to cantu and vitamin E oil and I've been able to do and maintain her hair

— @perfect_imperfection, I’m definitely going to stick to my Cantu ; I noticed once I switched to the “curly kids” line, it was really good but the moisture didn’t last long at all. I’m definitely going to try the vitamin E and tell you how it works out.

— Yeah everything else I've tried on her hair I don't really like and I always just end up using Cantu... definitely try it out... hopefully it works for you @sagwaenglish

— Beautiful hair! Keep us posted and I'm praying for your fingers XD