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Getting induced in 3days. Going through lot of emotional stress as my sis is pregnant and so far I was taking care of my father mother and sis financially for the last 15 years. They put the guilt trip on me and make me pay for supporting that family, all their medical expenses,for my sis studies in Canada on me and her marriage expenses on me and my father's funeral and medical expenses on me and taking care of his body back to his native country and paying their rent on me. With this baby I was so sick and had to quit my job and staying home. I am scared that my sis pregnancy expenses will fall on me and I can't take this any more. Already I spend all my salary on these people and still they are trying to loot me. I am living on my husband's paycheck now.I feel so sad and upset as My mother still thinks it is my responsibility. I am so sad that nobody appreciate what I have done for last 15 years for them. My sis and her hus doesn't have a proper job yet. I want to focus on my kids and my husband rather than solving their problems. I am so scared and don't know how to handle the situation. I pray To God to help me.

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— Your about to bring a baby into this world who will need you and depend on you, those are your duties now, you are not your parents/sister responsibilities you done what you can for 15 years ! If they can’t appreciate that then they are selfish, you’re sister is about to be bringing a baby into this world and it’s time for her to be responsible.. you need to do what is best for you and your baby , don’t stress especially when your about to be induced .. god only puts you through things he knows we can handle , he will not fail us ❤️

— You have enabled them long enough. Time to start thinking of your own family. I’m sure your husband didn’t sign up for supporting your lazy, manipulative family when he married you. Tell them they’re on their own now. Or you may find yourself that way soon.

— @jellybeans_mumm, @cams, thanks for the supportive words. They always put the guilt in me saying you have a secured comfort life and you letting us down. I studied hard took my degrees and struggled a lot to reach here since my parents never had the money to support my education. To a certain extend I am a self made woman. But they want a bit of my success and money as they think I am indebted to them for letting me study and not stopping from perceiving my goals for higher education. They never worried about me or my life anytime. They have not disclosed my marriage and my pregnancy to my relatives as I got divorced and later married a person outside my religion. And they are ready celebrate my sis pregnancy. All they want is my money. I first marriage broke almost because of their greed and their consistent need for my helping. My ex always used to warn me about their motive. But I was naive and they put the guilt in me that I resisted my ex. Now with this marriage I don't want to repeat my mistake.

— Your responsibility is the family you started your husband & your child. They are grown and need to worry about themselves. It isn't your responsibility to support them. You have your own life , don't keep living others. If they don't like it then you need to cut them out of your life , this can ruin your marriage so quickly. Don't let them come in between you and your family.