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Downers Grove, posts from the channel

Trying to Сonceive

CD32, 2 days late for AF and just took a positive LH test. My body sucks sometimes.

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— Have u ovulated already ?

— @angikay I had 2 temp drops at CD17 and then CD20 (my normal o time) but I wasn't OPKing then so I have no idea. I took it on a whim bc my HPT were negative the past few days.

— @cdquint02 can I see your chart ?

— @angikay

— Kinda hard to tell because its not a full chart !

— @angikay I know....i don't start temping until CD 10 or so since my AF is the full 7 days

— @cdquint02 yes , temps are all over the place during af!

— @cdquint02 have u tried taking a pregnancy test recently ?

— @angikay yep, took one yesterday with FMU and it was negative.

— @cdquint02 but your ovulation test was positive just now ? Did you tske opks when you had the other temp dip ?

— I did not, just got them in the mail now and thought....what the heck.

— @angikay I mean if I HAVE to BD tonight I will 😏 but I'm more lamenting wtf is up with my body.

— @cdquint02 I would definetly bd tonight just in case and girl who knows , our bodies has a mind of its own and does what it wants when it wants !!!