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19 weeks today! Finding out the gender tomorrow😄❤🤗

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— So freaking adorable !!!! Your bump is so perfectly round !! That butt though ❤❤❤ lol

— @angikay awe thank you!!!! Less then 24hrs now!!

— @nbentley88 so exciting hun !!! Can't wait to know !!! I go back thursday to make sure mine is stilla girl and doesnt have a ding dong. Lol

— @angikay thank you! I know us too, can't wait to see how big he/she is!! How exciting!!!! How often are you going now?

— @nbentley88 I went on the 2nd this month ! Then I go back on the 16th. And then again on the 30th. All yhis month.

— I have been having to go every week, sometimes 2 weeks. In the month of July.. That was the only month I had to wait a whole month .