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What was harder for you, newborn stage or toddler?! πŸ€”

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β€” Toddler x1000000

β€” Toddler, definitely.

β€” Toddler

β€” Newborn.. now she’s a happy beautiful baby.!!

β€” Toddler. Always toddler. My newborns were a joy even if I didnt sleep well.

β€” Toddler lol

β€” Newborn. I like how toddlers are a bit more independent

β€” Depends on the kid! πŸ˜‚ My oldest was a pretty easy newborn, but he’s a pretty tough toddler. My youngest gave me a run for my money as a newborn though.

β€” I haven’t gotten deep into toddler yet but so far newborn lol

β€” Toddler

β€” 0-2 are the hardest 2 years for me. Once they can start communicating, I find it so much easier. Ds is almost 2.5 and I absolutely love this age. Yeah, the whining and tantrums suck, but it’s easier to talk him through it than it is the crying that I can’t figure out why.

β€” My oldest was a tough newborn and an even tougher toddler, my second baby was an EXTREMELY easy newborn and is still an easy toddler, and my last baby was an easy newborn and as the months gone by he gets harder and harder to deal with lol

β€” Toddler! Newborn stage was super easy.

β€” Newborn my son is very independent now

β€” Toddler by far!

β€” Toddler πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

β€” Newborn. My son was very very clingy, I couldn’t put him down, EVER. I appreciate the slight independence now that he’s becoming a toddler.

β€” Toddler has been much harder but a bit more rewarding!

β€” Toddler

β€” Deff toddler!

β€” Toddler