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‘Try putting him down. You might enjoy life then’. This girl is so lucky I am in a good place today else she would have got a swift right hook. My son is my life and I am enjoying every single second with him. I don’t want to put him down so 🖕🏼

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— You might enjoy life 🙈what a twat!xxx

— @ezchaz, properly pissed me off. Then tried to ask me how many oz Dominic was on cause her baby’s doing so amazing. HV told her she’s the brightest baby she’s seen yet (we have same HV) xxx

— @abbiehowe8, what a wanker 🤦🏻‍♀️ bet the HV didn’t even say that!! I have a cousin like that know it all that knows fuck all lol xxx

— @ezchaz, ofc she didn’t. She’s hardly gonna say that when she has to be unbiased and professional🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Leave it with her. Can’t be doing with dicks like her xxx

— You only get them little once. Enjoy every moment you want to with him. Having a baby doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy life, it’s a very different enjoyment and one I wouldn’t change. Ignore negativity - because before long they’re wanting to be on the move, off to school and a step closer to leaving Home xx

— @vixster, exactly my point hun. He’s only little once. She’s the person who told me she doesn’t want to breastfeed so she can have a pint of carling when she gets home from hospital. Nothing wrong with not wanting to bf so it means you can have a drink (?) but she just tries to make out I’m bad at parenting lol. I’m just cuddling him every second he’ll let me xx

— Who's said this to you?!xx

— @megan-leigh, a girl I know (very well) who’s baby is 3 weeks old xx

— @abbiehowe8 Some people are so silly! When Allaiyah was that young we constantly cuddled!xx

— What a moron! Quite clearly is a perfect mother who poops out rainbows & has birds dress her every day 😒. x

— @megan-leigh, exactly. I think she doesn’t cuddle her girl very often xx

— @carlybeanw, haha quite often she says her daughter is better behaved than Dominic. Not realising their both still babies🤣🤣x

— @abbiehowe8 😂😂 oh she's one of those. Honestly some mothers need reminding it isn't a competition. That milestones should be shared not compared! x

— @abbiehowe8 And they quickly grow up! Allaiyah takes more of interest in what's going on around her than cuddles with mummy now. So cuddle him while you can! I still get cuddles just not all the time 😭 xx

— @megan-leigh wait till she gets to 9 & cuddles with mummy are no longer cool 😂😂😂. But yeah, I agree with you. They grow up too fast ( it's why I have 4 ) x

— @carlybeanw Aww I don't want to think about it 🙈😭 I'm getting broody now🙊x

— @megan-leigh I wasn't broody until my boyfriend informed me he's like another. I was so sure I was done but... 😂😂 x

— If I could have one day with Jaxon as a baby again I’d jump at the chance! He doesn’t sleep on me very often or sit still long enough for cuddles much anymore unless he’s sleepy or hurt himself! Enjoy every second! X

— @gem_1618, aw I bet hun! I’m definitely making the most of every second! Not wasting any cuddles x