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So my fiancé went to Wendy’s for me and I’m thinking he got me a sprite with my meal. So, I go and take a huge gulp of it and guess what it is?. 😭😭 I could seriously cry because he made them give me water.

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— Omg I’m crying for you I’d make him go back

— @mimixtmn, sameeee girl same

— @mimixtmn, @drama.queen124, He went to the corner store instead lol

— what’s wrong with water lol

— Like what was he thinking! Who drinks water with there hamburger and fries? Like WHO??😂

— Lmfaooooo

— Im sorry but i can imagine your face and how you removed that straw like nigga wheres my sprite lol

— @alaiyasmommy, nothing at all but I been drinking water all day. I wanted some sprite with my food. Lol

— @melissaredfield87, exactly.. 😂 if he don’t gtfo with that bs

—, girl at least you know 😂😂

— aww ok lol i know this is weird but whenever i drink sodas i get bad heartburns at night 😫 i’m having them right now @shay2beautiful,

— @alaiyasmommy, oh damn.. I’m so glad that I don’t have heartburn at all

— lucky you @shay2beautiful,

— @alaiyasmommy, girl you’ve clearly never took a sip of a drink expecting some sugary fizzy goodness and get water, it’s a saddddddd disappointment lol. I drink water all the time but when I want soda I want soda.

— @mimixtmn, uh yes i think we all like soda it’s no big deal i just drink mostly water