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Being a first time mom; when will I feel my little man move for the first time?

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— With both of my kids it was about 19-20 weeks before I definitively felt them moving and didn't mistake it for gas.

— Not usually until 20 weeks or longer

— I felt flutters around 16-18 weeks

— It took a long time to feel my first one move but by the third n fourth I felt the baby very early

— I felt the first flutters at 14 weeks, kicks at about 16/17. My fiance felt the first movement around 20 weeks I think. My sister didn't feel the first movements until about 24 weeks.

— I felt flutters at 15 weeks. Had an ultrasound at 17 weeks and my doctor asked if I had been feeling movement and I said yeah. And she said “lucky you, you get to feel movement early because your placenta is on the back wall of your uterus!” Lol. So I guess it really depends on the placement of your uterus. And a lot of people miss those early movements because they’re so light and it feels like gas or popcorn popping in your belly. But I knew gas has never felt like that before.