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I’m so annoyed.
So he calls me saying “I’m trying to sleep” even tho I made him go in there to get the baby to sleep because I was getting frustrated and needed a break. I told him no he needs to get her to sleep first. He ignores me. 5 mins later, Zuri is at the baby gate crying for me because her father had gone to sleep and left her to wander around the room in the dark by herself.


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— That's when you go in there and wake his ass up and say get baby to sleep or you don't get to sleep. I'd be pissed too.

— @leahkay, I just gave up and did it myself. At least I stopped being frustrated with her for not sleeping, it’s all very firmly directed towards him now. I thought about pushing him out of bed but I’m trying to be the bigger person 😤

— I'd be livid.