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So I'm 27 weeks 6 days and haven't felt baby move in 4 days. I have a fetal doppler and can hear his heartbeat everyday but I'm wondering if I should still go to the hospital it still worries me.

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— I would. I wouldn’t just trust the Doppler unless it was a medical professional using it on you.

— Drink something cold

— Drink some cold water or eat something and give it a little bit and see what happens and if nothing happens go to the hospital

— @penelope127,, @jacob_mommy, thanks all! I'm headed to the hospital just to be safe.

— @hah890, I would have too especially being 4 days. Keep us posted. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

— @penelope127, All is good! They said he is the happiest little guy and so healthy! They said my placenta moved and is blocking me from feeling most movements. Such a relief!