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Gonna start sleep training soon. Any tips ladies? This is gonna be a nightmare. Being 14 months and nursing to sleep every night is not ok with me!!

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— Consistency is key. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent!

— Right. Consistency is essential, but definitely be flexible. There are stages of sleep resistance that are typically accompanied by major milestones. Such as teething or separation anxiety. Developing a nighttime routine helps the transition. Whether that includes a nighttime song, story, feeding, etc is entirely up to you Mama. It’s ritualistic and you get to be creative! White noise has been a life saver. Not 100% effective as my daughter gets older, but she knows that once it’s on it’s lights out! You can do it!

— Replace nursing with something else and keep consistent with the routine every night. It doesn’t need to be a drink, it could be an activity or a song or something like that. Or just wait until she stops on her own. My daughter nursed at bedtime until she was 2.