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Natural remedies for thrush. Obviously go to the doctor so don't go there but anything I can do until then I just noticed it today she doesn't seem to be in pain she's eating like normal.

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— I use coconut oil whenever her tongue look extra whitish just dip my finger in it then rub it on her tongue like twice a day and it usually clears up in a day or 2

— It’s super weird but yogurt on your nips and a little on a q tip and swab babies tongue ☺️ also vinegar on the nips is another one

— @ivoryotero26 thank you.!! It wasn't like that when she woke up 😞

— @kayliajbristow95 I'm not breastfeeding she's strictly formula can I feed it to her.??

— @taylorsmommy1017, my mom does for my lil sister yes.. our doc said yogurt is good to give babies starting from 7-9M

— @taylorsmommy1017, we started on plain whole milk yogurt, if that helps. It’s always cleared up her thrush

— @kayliajbristow95 can it be flavored or does it have to be plain

— @taylorsmommy1017, I would add your own fruit purée maybe, like blend berries or something maybe just cause the premade flavored ones have a lil sugar.. but I mean my lil sis loves vanilla so we give her that

— Plain yogurt

— @amberjacq how often would I give it to her.? I just noticed it a little bit ago it wasn't there this morning.

— That doesn't look like thrush. Can you try to lightly wipe it with a moist cloth?

— @kambam no I tried wiping it with a wipe and it didn't come off so I gave her a bit of water and it's still there but it wasn't like that this morning.?

— Hm. Could be a mild case then. Sometimes even the milk tongue can be hard to clean.

— @kambam I was gonna watch it snd if it's not gone in the morning imma take her in. If it is thrush it literally got that way in s matter of hours she's drank her normal amount of bottles snd even ate raviolis with tomato sauce she doesn't have a fever if she didn't stick her tongue out when inwas playing with her I never would a noticed

— @taylorsmommy1017, As often as you like, yogurt won’t hurt your baby it’s kinda like baby food my husband aunt gave all of her babies yogurt

— @kambam I don't think it's thrush now either when she was in the bath I was able to rub some of it off

— Cool, yea just doesn't look much like thrush to me.

— @kambam could it be because of thr nipple on her bottle.? Maybe she has to suck too hard.?

— Thrush is a fungus that can happen when the nipples are dirty or just health imbalance. Wouldn't be from something like that

— @kambam oh geez I boil her bottles every other day I'll start doing it everyday now

— Even if she does have it it's not necessarily your fault

— @ivoryotero26 @kayliajbristow95 @amberjacq @kambam it's not thrush it's cleared up this morning.

— @taylorsmommy1017, yeah I was going to say it doesn’t look like thrush. Noah gets thrush a lot and I can tell because this thick ass white stuff starts covering his tongue and I can visibly see how thick it is. Thrush is just a yeast infection on her mouth basically if/when she does get them don’t share anything with her cause it’s contagious