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Didn't even make it into H&M. Sterling was not happy with the stroller.

On a lighter note, I managed to make it into Dillards, and saw the purses I wanted 😍 @vvrobinson I got one of those you posted the other day 💕

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— Ooooh show me which pattern 😍

— I told people the build a bear was ridiculous today but I guess people like waiting in line

— @vvrobinson I got to the mall at like 5:30, and the line to Build A Bear was still at least 150 people long....That's just insane. How much is your time worth?! Hopefully more than the extra cash it would cost to buy a damn bear.

— @vvrobinson

— i love it!!!!! And yeah id rather just pay full price and not deal with a million people.

— @vvrobinson thanks hon!