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Help breast feeding moms! My 4 month old is sleeping through the night 9pm-6am pretty much every night like about 2 times a week she wakes uo at 430 or 5 but since shes sleeping so long throughout the nigbt i feel like its messing witg my supply and she wants to eat ALL DAY where i work i get to take her with me and be with her all day so i can nurse her all day but weve been so busy in the summer I literally nurse her standing up holding her with one arm while I'm still working. Should i wake up and pump in the middle of the night?

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— I say yes! My daughter has been doing the same thing. Sleeping more and IS ATTACHED during the day! I pumped for today cause I knew id be out and it was so helpful!

— What does your nap schedule look like if baby sleeps through the night? Just curious.

— @ajowens1547 even when they are sleeping we still have to wake up lol i think i will just have to pump because the last few weeks have been so hard 😰

— @erikak we dont really do like "scheduled nap time" its more like whenever shes tired she sleeps which about averages out to sleeping about 4 hours during the day in total

— This is normal. They go through a pretty big growth spurt at 4 months. You can pump if you want/need relief but it is not necessary. Your supply will regulate to your baby’s needs. Have you tried baby wearing during the day so you have your arms free?

— @sheriffwoody thank you for your response! I do baby wear at home somewhat but at work my boss won't let me wear her 😢