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Can’t stand when we’re at the park and parents are standing around smoking next to the equipment. I know we’re outside & all, but this is a children’s playground ffs.

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— I’ve never seen people smoking inside a kids park. That’s some bullshit! Give them dirty stares.

— @dontspankme, It happens all the time where I live. So much so that I’m seriously considering contacting my city council & proposing that they make all playground areas in the city smoke free.

— @ek620, you should so they can put up signs for the idiots. It’s seriously like a no brainer

— @dontspankme, You would think so 🤦🏼‍♀️

— I was a smoker (not while pregnant), and I was smart enough to know better. People do it in front of hospitals too, alot of the time can smell it right inside the doors in the lobby. Com'on, people have medical issued and oxygen and everything else that pose hazard from smoking. I bet they throw them on the ground for all the kids to put in their mouths too 🙄🙄

— I used to smoke and am married to a smoker and that is ridiculous. My husband doesn’t smoke anywhere in public but by the cars. I would say something to people smoking at a playground.

— @bigmama18, I almost always say something when people are smoking close to us. Today a dad got really pissy with me when I asked him to go smoke away from the kids 🙄

— @ek620, I would catch an attitude right back. Say something smart like “just because you want to be a dumbass and get cancer doesn’t mean my kids do. Make poor life decisions elsewhere”

— Ew so gross! Some parents really are so shitty like ones that do drugs whenever they have children or are pregnant. Why 😒

— Mother of a toddler who picked up someone’s cigaret butt at a playground here 🙋🏻‍♀️, I would’ve flipped on him.

— @glencoco, oh heckkkk no 😩

— @dee2115, what’s worse is that it was in the play house. You know, the 4’ tall playhouses that are for CHILDREN. 😒 I was pissed.

— Ugh I’m glad I won’t have to deal with that we have a Park 5 minutes down the road at a school and nobody ever goes there but I say at some of the bigger parks it probably happens but I really wouldn’t know I haven’t been to a park in years. I hate when people would smoke right next to the hospital door or right next to me while I was pregnant with my son, my step dad is a smoker and I was stuck in the car with him while he was smoking and I about threw up everywhere!

— I went to the cable store we were outside for a second and this old lady right next to the door lights a cigarette I had both my kids I wanted to yell at her

— @glencoco, oh God that’s so gross. I would’ve been pissed too!

— @glencoco, Wow... that is so disgusting 🤢

— Oh these stories are so fucking gross 🤮 wish people were more considerate of other people’s kids! We just got back from the pool and there was a gal outside the gate puffing away. She came back inside the pool area and reeked of cigarette smoke. Legit could smell it 10 ft away. She then went to her chair for a min and then jumped in the pool. 🤢🤢 At least go wash off at the shower before jumping in pleaaaseee!!! They’re there for a fucking reason!

— We have a huge Wooden Park in my town there is absolutely no smoking in it at all and I have seen parents walking around in there smoking. It definitely aggravates me. I'm a smoker but I only smoke at home. When we're out and about running errands or at the park or the pool or anything like that I don't even bring my cigarettes with me.

— I’d be upset too

— Or when you see ppl smoking with their kids in the car..but it's ok because the windows are down😏smh

— This has been one of my biggest pet peeves since I was a child. Probably because my dad constantly smoked around us, especially in the car when the wind would blow all that smoke into the backseat and leave us all coughing 😑 now that I'm pregnant my boyfriend never smokes around me but I'm so sensitive to the smell of cigarettes or cigars, I swear I can always smell them in his neighborhood to the point where I want to go home because it's suffocating

— I HATE when I come out of Walmart or the Mall &walk straight into a cloud of smoke 😡

— in my neighborhood you are thankful if people are smoking cogs in a park and not smoking weed or doing drugs in the bathroom lol gotta love nyc

— cigs*

— So damn trashy

— What? Who tf smokes near kids specially in their territory . Isn’t there laws that forbid smoking in certain areas like parks and stuff ? Cuz nobody needs to be around that.

— That could be something to bring up to your county commissioners. At most of our parks it’s signs up about no smoking .