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So many of you know my mil kicked me and my daughter out last November after kicking out my boyfriend well we just found out after we turned off the energy bill in our name not only did she turn it back on she ran the bill up to 467 and never paid it again.!!!! So now we have a pass due balance of 532 WTF.?!

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— Take her to court over it.

— Take her to court.

— @__m @gypsyqueen90 we are going to we contacted the energy provider and they are sending ud information to fill out so we can start a police report. I can't stand this woman.!

— They should’ve verified her identity before turning it back on. Seems negligent on their part.

— @ek620 she knew all the information the account number who's name it was in his ssn as that's all the ask for over the phone if she did it online all she would need was the account number

— Take her to court it’s illegal. You will win and she will have to pay your lawyer and court fees.

— @ek620, I think it sounds that way to. When I called it was in my husbands name they didn’t care if I was his wife. He had to ok and give them my information before they would even talking to me about the balance

— @momof2boys88 that's crazy it was in his name but they would talk to me as long as I answered all the "security" questions.

— @momof2boys88 we are going to asap 😔

— @momof2boys88, exactly!!