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What would my chances of having full custody of my daughter be?
I work full time, I have a home where my daughter is safe.
Her father on the other hand, convicted felon (theft). His parole will be over in September.
He stays with his friend in a apartment. He smokes marijuana & cigarettes. And I do believe he sells the marijuana and heroin as well. The courts don’t know about it though.
I DO NOT want my daughter around him and that type of environment. Maybe supervised visits but nothing more.

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— Doo you have proof of him smoking weed and proof of him selling. And is weed legal in Washington right

— @taylorsmommy1017, Can they do a drug test?

— @lullabybaby you need proof. I dont think they will just because you ask but you can tip off his parole officer tell them your seaking custody and ask if he's failed a drug tests because you know he uses and your scared for toy child in his care

— @taylorsmommy1017, Okay thanks. It’s just so infuriating. He wasn’t this guy when I met him. We were together 3 years and this is both our first child. I ended up breaking up with him due to him cheating and talking to other females while I was pregnant and even before. He’s not the same guy.😞

— @lullabybaby I know how you feel the last fight me and my boyfriend got into over him talking to chicks I treatened to move back to california and get custody there so he would have to travel to see his daughter but things worked out but now he knows I'm serious about taking her and he wasnt like this in the beginning. They say kids change people but not always for the beat sadly.

— @taylorsmommy1017 @lullabybaby Yeah I thought weed was legal there...

— @angelfoodcake it is but doing any drug while on parole is a violation I'm from California and it's legal there too while my boyfriend was on parole for a nondrug related incident he still had to drug test and if it came back positive for anything he doesn't have a prescription for its a violation he has his medical card but he needed an actual prescription from a doctor not just a card.

— @taylorsmommy1017 gotcha thanks