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How many of y’all co-sleep?❤️

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— I do.

— I did with my first until 3 or 4 months and plan to do the same with this one 💙

— I did I don't anymore her and her dad sleep wild as hell

— @taylorsmommy1017, I never did until three months ago , we had to live with my in laws for a few months until we moved and now she won’t go back to her bed.😩😩 ALWAYS KICKING!!

— @mamabear33016 that's why I didn't want to moving her back in her in own bed was so hard.!! She would sleep with her foot on me and every time I moved she would wake up now that she's back in her own space it's a lot better I'm glad I switched her young so she's not 5 6 still in my bed.

— @taylorsmommy1017, The bigger they are the worse it is!!

— @mamabear33016 I'm glad she likes her bed now some times I'll nap with her and she will move awayfrom me for her own space

— I with all. Not right mow though all in their own beds. ☺

— I do! He wouldnt sleep unless he was touching us. At 4 months we put him in his crib. Now he stays in his crib the first half of the night & after his middle of the night bottle he comes in bed with us. He loves it & so do i.❤

— I did and still do at times lol

— @mamabear33016, yup lol

— I do ❤️

— @thepaige16, did you have any issues getting your babe in their own bed after 3-4 months? I am cosleeping now for the first time, but I want to stop at 3 months... i didn't want to co sleep in the first place...

— @kelseyp16, I know you weren’t asking me , but I didn’t let my daughter sleep in her crib until she was 7 months old she slept in my room in her bouncer next to my bed because she has periodic breathing and she didn’t have a problem with it at all. But now she sure does! Lol

— 🙋 with my son.

— @kelseyp16, She was very stubborn. The only way even now that we can get her to sleep in her own bed is to put her to sleep on me then quietly lay her down in the crib. That’s the only thing that works for us. I didn’t want to co sleep either but she wouldn’t sleep on her own at the hospital

— I did with my daughter till she was 10 months. Now she’s in her crib but it’s right besides my bed lol

— Me

— I know a mom who lost her baby because of cosleeping so I personally do not.

— @aengs2, I would never do it at young age , never did until October by no choice of my own and now she won’t go to her bed but she’s a toddler now a big one at that so she kicks and tells me to move over.😂😂

— We stopped just a couple months ago. Had to get our daughter ready to sleep by herself before the baby comes since we will cosleep with her also.

— I do. I love it but we are TTC number 2 and I can’t imagine a big belly in the bed with this crazy toddler, he usually ends up sideways.

— Not exclusively... but some nights I do!

— I do for right now but when my son turns 4 months he’s going to his own bed.

— I think this picture is irresponsible. Co sleeping CAN be dangerous if not done properly, people need to know the risks. Babies dying from a parent rolling on them or suffocating in blankets is not a myth.

— @threeplusone, It’s just a picture , I’m not promoting leaning your little baby in the bed alone like that.🤦🏻‍♀️

— @mamabear33016 I'm saying the text on the picture is irresponsible, not the actual picture. 🤦

— @threeplusone, Too each their own . I personally wouldn’t go sleep until toddler age but that’s just me.

— @mamabear33016 you're right, too each their own. But I'm not saying Co sleeping is wrong. I Co sleep with all of my kids but I just think pictures like this can be irresponsible. There's risks involved and I think this makes it seem like there aren't any. That's all I was trying to point out. 🤷

— We have been since he came home. 6.5 months of it

— @threeplusone, completely understand didn’t even think about that when posting this picture , I was just trying to start up a conversation about co-sleeping. Thank you for pointing that out.☺️

— Meeee🙋🏻‍♀️

— I do my son is one , and this baby will co sleep as well

— I did with my daughter.. I think this time. I will get the co-sleep crib.

— With my daughter I had really bad separation issues it wasn't just her. So When she couldn't sleep I would tuck her in my shirt then I will take the blanket and wrap it around us like a burrito and then she will fall asleep I will see that that for the whole night

— I did and I don't think it's a bad thing

— I cosleep with my daughter it’s super bittersweet like when she was first born nursing was super easy we just laid side by side she ate I slept lol jk no but she did eat and I’d watch and when she was done she’d get burped and go back to sleep. My boyfriend stayed up all night every night from the time we brought her home to the time she started sleeping through the night . Now my daughter will be 1 tomorrow and I HATE sleeping with her I only say that because through out the night for whatever reason she starts swinging in her sleep and for a baby her hits are hard. I hate being woken up and she slaps me and is sleeping and obviously I can’t hit her back lol I also hate it because she moves soooooo much!!!! I put her in one place and I’m not very good at sleeping since I had her so I wake up every few hours to check on her and she’ll be at the bottom of the bed or her head will be literally in my ass or just somewhere that makes me panic and if I put her back where she started she goes right back to moving wherever she pleases

— @vansandtatts, how’d you get them to sleep in their own bed!? My daughter turns 1 tomorrow and if I could start getting her to sleep in her own bed I’d be super happy

— We personally didn’t. And my husband would get mad when he caught me falling asleep with her. Only problem is, the hospital we delivered at made us watch a video on the ABCs of safe sleep and it was horrible. You have your 1 or 2 day old baby in front of you and you are listening to parents tell you how they accidentally killed their kid, by rolling on them or stuffed animals in their crib or whatever. I don’t look down on other people that do it. Honestly, I just fell asleep with her on my chest in bed the other night and she was fast asleep when I woke up a little bit later. But watching that video scarred me for life. Also it’s funny, I was googling safe co sleeping today and they said mostly all deaths from co sleeping are because of someone under the influence of something. Drugs, pills, alcohol. So that goes to show co sleeping isn’t dangerous if done correctly. But I also read it’s mostly beneficial if you breast feed, and I didn’t.

— Those who co sleep, is it you and your partner with baby or just you?

— I co slept with my daughter and someone called Dcf on me saying I was endangering my child. I laughed in their faces. Co sleeping was so easy for me especially since I breast fed. I plan on coming sleeping with my baby as well.

— I have and it was so much easier when breastfeeding

— I co-sleep with my son and I did co-sleeping with my aunts two boys and girl that I raised, and I will continue to co-sleep with every child that I have, and every child that I raise

— My sons been sleeping in my bed since the 3rd night he came home.(I tried the bassinet thing but he wouldn't sleep long. He slept better laying on me) He's 2 years and 4 months old now lol. He has to have me in reaching distance or he can't sleep lol it's a bad habit to break but they're only little for so long!

— I do . That’s all I did the first 2 months ...still do it on occasion but for the most part he sleeps by himself

— We used a co sleeper(snuggle nest) in the bed while she was little. She's almost 3 years old and we still bed share. No shame!!!

— I did with my two older boys until 6 months and do with Brennon now, specially since finding out about his heart defect, and will until I know his heart is healed and symptoms of heart failure are gone. We have a California King bed with plenty room I keep him close enough to hear his breathing but not too close. I don’t let my husband do it bc he’s a heavy sleeper, which I am not. He also sounds like a freight train, which is why he doesn’t sleep with us. Not that I get much sleep anyways..

— We co sleep, I love it but then again I don’t because I can’t leave him on the bed alone if I take a shower or use the restroom so.... I have to wait till he wakes up

— My mom had a coworker who did co sleeping. The Mom smothered the baby at just a few weeks old, killing it. She committed suicide two months later.

— @masseymomma16, omg that is so awful. I can’t even . I wouldn’t go sleep with my daughter because I was afraid of that so that’s why she’s never slept with us until she got to be this old .