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🤦 why don't people understand? If my child is screaming and crying in the store, dirty looks and ugly comments won't make things better. He can't regulate his emotions and doesn't understand because he is just a baby. This is how he communicates

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— Since becoming a mother, when I hear a baby crying all I want to do is give the mom a big hug and offer to snuggle the baby. But that's super creepy so I don't. So all you see are the negative or neutral reactions from others. 😔

— I walked up to a mom the other day and told her to hang in there and that she was doing a fantastic job. Sometimes moms just need to hear it. It's so hard being a mom and trying to get things done and keeping LO happy. And I just have one! I admire the Mamas with more than one kid. I can't hang 😂

— I can't stand that, I still get those looks towards my ASD child, it hurts..