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How long after trying out single flavored foods did you move your baby to stage 2 combination foods?

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— They usually have guidelines on when you can give different stages food. Stage one I believe it supported sitter, stage 2 is crawler I believe

— @ladyblauvelt.skysmomma, stage 2 is sitter then stage 3 is crawler but I started stage 2 a month after stage 1. So it was stage 1 at six months then stage 2 at 7.5 months.

— She's almost 9 months now (& was 9 weeks early so supposed to be 7 months old) and does really well with the 2nd foods so I'm sure your baby would be fine trying them. Just little bits at a time and make sure to get foods with only one thing new at a time to try out for three days :)

— @unicorn_mama, My daughter is 7 months now and does good with Stage 1 foods. Of coarse she doesn’t like certain greens lol but I think she’s ready for stage 2 foods so I’m going to give it a try.

— @emily_02, awesome! Hope it goes well. And if they're too thick you can always add breast milk or formula to them. And add less and less each time until she gets used to the thickness. Just a thought:)

— @unicorn_mama, Thank you! I appreciate it ☺️

— @emily_02, you're welcome! 💕