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Baby’s boy heartbeat is 135 at 28 weeks Wednesday July 11th I have to do 1 hour glucose test and they want me to feel my son move & kick and I have to have my son in Redmond because I won’t be able to get into bend hospital fast enough and I have care providers who can see and baby boy is measuring good

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— I’m registered at two different hospitals cause the one I really want is downtown Portland and the other is closest. So depending on time of day, I’m set lol. Are you not feeling him move?

— @amberspringer, he moves / kicks all the time it’s just that bend hospital won’t be able to get me in and to many patients and not a lot of doctors when it comes down to baby time so I’m be giving birth to my son in Redmond hospital and his dad take that day off because he’s be staying at the hospital with me and when I go into labor I’m have to call my husband/ mom and let them both now that way my mom can come get me and take me to the hospital

— @jacob_mommy, I see.

— @amberspringer, ya my son is doing good

— @jacob_mommy, that’s good

— @amberspringer, ya I’m glad him and my husband keep me going and are the reason I’m happy