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Midwife tomorrow. Weighing Dominic and heel prick test. He’s growing so much daily! He’s finally settling in his Moses basket so we shall see how tonight goes🤞🏼💙👶🏻💙🤞🏼

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— how was he in his moses basket? sometimes Kai would scream in his then after a week or so he was fine xx

— Hope everythung goes well xx

— Good luck with Dominics heel prick today. I remember that with Lexi. It was awful watching blood coming out of her lol!.. my OH left the room! xx

— @nataliielouiseexo, absolutely brilliant!! He slept for 2/3 hours at a go then fed then slept. I feel amazing lol xx

— @megan-leigh, thank you Hun. It went really well. He was basically milk drunk so he settled amazingly in it! Xx

— @karla22, thank you! I’m dreading it! Think I’ll be leaving the room. Daddy can do it. I’ll cry! Xx

— @abbiehowe8 aw that's brilliant he's such a good baby isn't he 😄, don't worry about the heel prick either Kai didn't budge lol it's over in seconds 😁 xx

— @nataliielouiseexo, yeah he’s absolutely brilliant! I can’t believe how lucky we’ve been. He only ever cries (not even really cries just moans) as he’s about to wake up, and when he’s got a wet nappy. Apart from that he’s so calm and quiet😁. Aw good! I’m hating the thought of them doing it! Xx

— @abbiehowe8 yeah Kai was like that he still is really has a moan when he's hungry but don't we all 😂😂 honestly it's not as bad as you think Gary hates blood but he actually held Kai when she did it 😊 xx

— @abbiehowe8 The worst bit is that they had to really squeeze the blood out just for the tiniest drop! That was worse than blood itself lol. Just say u need the toilet 😉 xx

— @nataliielouiseexo, haha yep exactly🤣🤣. Ah ok. Phew! It’s for the best reason though and he’ll soon be fine with some milk afterwards lol xx

— @karla22, yeah I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll let you know when they’ve been how he was xx

— @abbiehowe8 yeah honestly I think we make it worse when we don't know what to expect lol, he'll be fine 😁 xx

— @abbiehowe8 aww bless. Yeah update ☺️ xx

— Heal prick tests i know there not nice to witness but they are soooo important to get done. I have one of the conditions that that test is for. And so glad ur baby boy is settling in his Moses basket now too gives u a chance of a decent sleep too (what ever that is when ur a parent lol) x

— @emmabump13, yeah that’s very true. Oh wow really? We’re just waiting for the midwife to come so get that done and give baby Dominic some TLC. Thank you Hun. We’re so glad! Haha yeah half decent lol x