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Alright ladies what should for the rest of my sleeve I’m so not creative

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— Was this tattoo significant for you?

— @leroydoom, not gunna lie no I just love the way it looks I’m not into the meaning like my fiancé he has all our zodiac signs and stuff

— And he has a breast cancer for his mom

— Oh okay

— How about something like this? I know you said your not into meanings, but I thought this was cool, like your last name at the bottom and maybe your kids, fiance, and your initials among the branches, obviously you can ask the artist to do a more realistic looking tree, and you can do something cool with the roots at the bottom

— (Going with the nature look with the roses)

— Well, your fiances last name if you'll be taking his, or you can hyphen yours and his last name

— @leroydoom, can you incorporate Harry Potter somehow lmao

— @annarizzo123 of course! Harry Potter sorcery looking tree and lettering! 😍😍

— Or you can put your "house" on the bottom and your initials among the branches Which house would you pick?? Lol

— I think that would be super cute, I'm sure a good artist could come up with something really cool

— @leroydoom, oh I’m a gryffndor chick

— Great ideas just do my tattoo yourself lmao

— @annarizzo123 😅😅😅