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excited to watch season 2, of 13 reasons why tomorrow! 🤗

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— Me too!!!

— I barely started watching it a couple days ago for the first time!!☺

— @dazzlingmommy, girl I been put it in my calender so I won't forget to watch it lol. 🤣

— @coffee_is_the_new_black, did you finish with season 1? or not yet? are you liking it?

— Same !

— @mrsv.xo no I'm on episode 2. Lol it starts off kind of slow.

— @parismommmy, right! i've been waiting for this girl.

— @coffee_is_the_new_black, oh okay! yes I agree, but is a very good show, it's sad.

— @mrsv.xo it is very good so far, I can't wait to keep watching it.

— @coffee_is_the_new_black, yes! i'm going to binge watch season one again with my husband tonight, since he haven't watched it lol. 🤣

— Me too!!

— @walkers-mom, if you were closer, we would've been watching it together lol. our mom show. 🤣

— @mrsv.xo, lol yes! Except shitty part is i have to go to my moms to watch it because i live in the boonies and have shitty WiFi 🙄

— @mrsv.xo my husband's never seen it either. So I'm waiting to watch it with him.😊

— I just barley started watching it!!!

— Two days ago I just finished watching it for the second time so I can remember what happened for this new season

— @angelina_cxoxo, omg really!? ima watch it all over again tonight with my husband.

— @coffee_is_the_new_black, that's good! same here lol. 🤗

— @sunflowerfields, girl yes that's what i'm gonna do tonight, cause it has been few months already since I watched it!

— @mrsv.xo, I need to see some justice.

— @sunflowerfields, same here.

— Yes I’ll be watching. But first I’m rewatching the first season. I’m on episode 5 so far. Wanna watch the first one again before starting the 2nd

— I started watching it at lunch even though I knew I didn’t have enough time to watch a whole episode. 😂