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Season 6 of the walking dead, here I come! Well, i mean once the kids are off to bed that is! 😊

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— Omg your far behind!

— @mckallalynn.. 😂 girl yes! I just started watching it 2 months ago, I think. 😂 they just finished season 8 or 9? I'm trying to catch up with yall!

— @trailer_trash_queen just finished 8! Luckily there is only like 13-15 episodes per season so your not that far behind, this season pissed me off but I won't ruin anything for you. 😉

— I'm still mad at Walking Dead ..... But im addicted to it 🤣

— @mckallalynn.. @raheemah05 lol! I'm still pissed about hershal and Beth. 😣 broke my god damn heart! & now I'm so fucking worried about Glenn. I still miss Shane, I mean he asked for it, but I liked him for some dumb reason. But Okay I'll shut up now! 😂

— @trailer_trash_queen, wait until u get caught up. You will be even more mad lol