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I'm thinking about getting my mom and her bf a cruise for Christmas. So my question is to where? And what's the best cheapest one that actually is fun??

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— Carnival is good . Depends for how long

— @babydiehl2016

— I’ll explain everything once I’m done editing pictures

— I've been on a bunch of cruises in a bunch of different cruise lines. Carnival is the cheapest because in my opinion it's the worst. Royal Caribbean is good and Norwegian!

— @momofboys30 how much do you normally pay?

— @momma2twinies, depends on how long and where you're going.

— I went on a Norwegian cruise to Bermuda when i was younger & loved it. I imagine as an adult it would have been 10x more amazing. They had this apricot pie at the dinner buffet most nights that I still crave like 15 years later lol.


— I’m done editing. Here’s my 2 cents. You’re young right? Yes. Yes you are. Go for carnival. Yes they’re cheaper yes you get a younger crowd. If you can try booking during the school year so the young crowd isn’t mostly made of kids. I party all day and all night on carnival and make so many new friends. Every cruise we take we are popular as fuck and we have friends all over the place. Are you a drinker? Get the drinking pass it’s worth every cent. Trust me. You can book on Christmas but totally try to have it booked for sept-November rates are lowest then and you have a longer time to pay it off. Where are you leaving out of? If Galveston? good news honey the carnival vista is docked there. It’s their second newest ship. It’s an AMAZING ship. Worth checking it out. YouTube carnival vista tours. Also a secret not everyone knows about is the sauna/steam room in the spa is FREE and not many people frequent it. Spent all night drinking? Detox and sweat out those toxins. The spa also has infused water to drink there to help hydrate and it’s very tasty.

— Also in my opinion RC, princess and Norwegian has a ton of old people. You might get stuck behind a rascal a few times.

— If you are closer to Florida that’s also good news. Rates are cheap there it seems. But I don’t know what ships are docked there.

— @babydiehl2016 I'm in sc. The nearest port is in jacksonvills. My mom and her bf would be going. Is love to go tho. None of us are drinkers. So I can make payments? I didn't know that?