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Today while I was on my laptop I seen in the history that my boyfriend had watched porn one night that I had left with my girl friends, which was about two weeks ago. For two whole hours. He already knows I’m insecure and unhappy with the way my body is now and this just made me feel worse. I even thought our sex life was great. I confronted him about it and he didn’t really say anything. He didn’t deny it either. Idk what do you ladies think?

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— you saw his history, bc you looked thru it i assume? honestly tho. every relationship is different if he knew how this bothered you he definitely shouldn’t have been watching that. 2 hours? that’s a whole lot of time to be watching porn. re tell him how it makes you feel and that you’d prefer for him not to do that.

— @ashleyrod, I had actually typed in a letter and a website came up.. I was confused and that’s when I went through the history.

— My sons dad did that.. and he knew I hated it because I was super insecure with my body at the time.. and by no means am I saying my situation was similar but when I looked through his phone it turned out it wasn’t just porn.. he was on sexting apps and meeting up with girls when he was working “overtime” after the 5th time of it happening I left... I prayyyy that your situation is not like mine was because it was an awful 2 and a half years of my life.. I think just talking to him and explaining your insecurities would be best.. obviously he finds you sexy so maybe have him snap a few pics of you for when your not home and he needs to be “happy” :) best of luck hun!!!

— I don’t really have an issue with porn, and we’ve watched it together (my husband and I) Two hours though that’s a bit excessive. He probably didn’t say much because he may not feel he’s done anything wrong? I’d sit down and discuss with him your insecurities, I know for my husband he didn’t clue in to that type stuff. For example after breast feeding I was horribly insecure about my breasts and he was like “why I love them”, he didn’t realize I was insecure because to him their great. I hope you guys sort it out 🙂