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Drop a selfie below and let the ladies tell you what kind of woman you are!! I’ll start

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— @august.rae, Girl, I already know you’re girlfriend material. 😉💕

— @august.rae side chick LMFAO ( inside joke)

— @mami.of.three.queens, literally lol

— @august.rae but yes GF material

— @mami.of.three.queens, 😂😂😂

— You could be a stalker catfishing me.

— @alexistol33, 😂😂😂😂😂

— Shoot you wifey material @august.rae

— @boymom4life, don’t sip on my kool-aid 😉

— @august.rae, stalker 😉

— @august.rae, Girlfriend Material!! 😉

— @august.rae, girlfriend material

— @nmarti95, girlfriend material

— @nmarti95 Girlfriend Material. 😊

— @august.rae, side chick 😛😛

— @nmarti95 friend zone

— @_ejx2 girlfriend material

— @august.rae side chick

— @ndnprincess7 stalker

— @mizzvuitton side chick

— @august.rae, you’re too polished to be gf cause lawd knows we give up on life when we get comfortable 😬👀 and definitely not friend zone cause ain’t nobody got time for hot ass friends soo, with those boobs, I’m going with side chick 💁🏻‍♀️

— @tacos4lunch26, 😂😂😂

— Lmao I look like a stalker? 😭😭

— @ndnprincess7, girlfriend material 😍😍

— @nmarti95, stalker. It’s the glasses 😎 you look like you’re about to dive deep into some dms

— Okay I’ll play. 😆

— @_ejx2, definitely girlfriend

— @ndnprincess7, I don’t think you look like a stalker 😂 This game doesn’t give us many options

— I think you all look like girlfriend material. 😘

— @ndnprincess7, also definitely girlfriend. You look like a sweetheart that he would be happy to bring home

— @ndnprincess7, girlfriend

— @_ejx2, sidechick 💅🏽

— @mizzvuitton, 🤔 I’m going with stalker. Or gf whose about to beat a stalkers ass

— @mizzvuitton, girlfriend 😘

— @leahdeere, girlfriend for sure

— @leahdeere, you look like a hot ass girl at his work that he isn’t allowed to talk to cause of my insecure ass 😂

— @mommynes, I just laughed my ass off at that. 😂 Such a creative scenario.

— All yall my sidechicks 💅🏽😘😘

— @mommynes, @leahdeere yeah that answer works for me too! 😂

— @mommynes I like the second one better! haha.. 😂😂😂

— @_ejx2 Girlfriend Material😊

— @ndnprincess7 Girlfriend Material

— @nmarti95 I'm Down! haha.. 😂😂😂

— @nmarti95, girlfriend material 🤗

— @_ejx2, girlfriend material