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So my doctors app (counts as my first prenatal app) is in 12 days.. this is the one with the papsmear and all of that extremely exciting stuff and i really just want to fast forward to get it done with im not excited for any of it 😔 know i gotta get use to everyones hands up there but not excited for a pap, and im upset because it'll be my first meeting with my doctor and her reviews are so terrible there isnt one good one out of over 20 of them written and not just giving bad stars with no reason.. and this is right on my hospitals website.. so not only am i just generally stressed about my appointment, im also stressed that i won't like my doctor since there literally wasnt one decent review .. this will be the second time they take my blood pressure and itll be threw the roof because i am so damn nervous over everything 😳 ugh stressed!

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— Not entirely. After the pap they won’t go back in there for a while, couple swabs here and there and til the very end. My first pregnancy I was in and out of the hospital often so def had more hands up in there but this pregnancy I’ve barely had anyone in there lol which is great. And when they’ve had to go in, it’s been men which to my experience are usually more gentle than women. So don’t stress, if your pregnancy is smooth you should be okay! Can’t you find another ob?

— @leslyev92 idk ive never liked male doctors ive always had females.. they make me feel more comfortable and i feel bad relying on reviews and dont want to wait longer for this first appointment since ive been soo stressed about it :/ just really wanted to get this over with and disagree with the reviews:/

— @kendrab, and if you don’t disagree will you change the Dr ? From my experience if you don’t like your dr then get another one because they make the experience too. And oh okay, well one day if you are ever in the spirit of trying, try out a male dr. Trust me it really isn’t bad. They are so gentle and caring, with my 2nd and now with my 3rd it’s been male ob’s and they’re great.

— @leslyev92 i will change doctors.. even though i always have guilt doing anything like that with my first pregnancy i just feel like itd be alot more comfortable for me to have a female but if i somehow dont like this one or the second one i def will try a male. Hopefully i wont have to keep changing like that though! I think itll take quite a bit to make me dislike a doctor but as long as im treated good and they have a nice attitude id be thrilled

— @kendrab, absolutely, I understand. That is why I had a female for my first as well. Yeah hopefully you don’t have to switch, you are already at a point where you need to be seen by one doctor so they can get started on all the tests that are coming. And I think as long as they are good and answer all of your questions and give you the importance your baby and you deserve you’ll be okay. My experience with my first ob who was female was she overlooked my concerns, I think she thought that because I was young I was exaggerating and didn’t give me the proper attention I should have been given. And I’m back at the same office now for my 3rd baby and she’s no longer there, idk if she went somewhere or what happened to her but I’m glad she’s not there. At one point I really reallyyyy disliked her to not say hate because that’s a strong word lol

— @leslyev92 im nervous about that cause im 22 so not old but when i announced my pregnancy on fb i had someone say arent you like 16? I dont think i look that young but worried me that thats how i could be viewed.. as long as its no one involved in the pregnancy i dont care at all.. but that'd really p me off if thats how i felt i was being dealt with!

— @kendrab I was 18 when I I walked into my first ob appointment so I know I was viewed as a kid, I turned 19 while pregnant but I was a young girl. And you are young too but I didn’t go through that at 22 with my 2nd. I think as long as you carry yourself as the mature 22 year old that you are, you should be okay. Don’t let anyone make you feel like your questions are dumb, just because they’ve heard the questions 1,000 times doesn’t make your same questions any less valid.

— @leslyev92 thank you! Trust me i have alot of questions sadly im a worry wart 😔 but tbh my only worry this pregnancy if hopfully theres no complications, c-section! Ill take the worst pregnany with all the stretch marks heartburn anything if i could just not have a c-section lol but the doctor said as long as nothing comes up this is the app where shell tell me what she thinks is best

— Hopefully it all works out for you ❤️