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😣😣 . I ate a burger and now heartburn has taken over. . Plus im having bad nausea..

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β€” It’s the things we love the most that sometimes hurt us in the end 😒 hope you feel better. In my experience sucking on a lime has helped both my nausea and heartburn. If you’re willing to try it hope it helps you.

β€” @leslyev92 Thanks ill try that because its killing me πŸ˜‚. But the food was so good.

β€” @albertrettazariah1386, I bet. I had a burger today too, enjoying the time I have left to be a total fat ass πŸ˜‚ after the baby is here back to being healthy!

β€” @leslyev92 fulfill all your craving. Its a struggle after baby comes to go back to eating healthy.

β€” @albertrettazariah1386, it is but I’ve been able to do it & after baby number 3 I need to get back into shape. Need to lol

β€” Yeah im going to need to do the same. I packed on the weight after my first i lost some but then i had my second and gained it back plus some its been a year Now im pregnant with my #3 and probably the last. I miss my body πŸ™.