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Realistically, what is it a newborn wears? Like 0-3 months is it mainly all in ones? Like is it really worth having too many proper outfits ? :)

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— I am so confused... in first life hour, can my baby wear 0-3months clothes? Or them are too big?

— :)))

— @alexandrasidariuscovaci, well I am getting 0-3 months but just a few newborn and first size just in case she is a little bit smaller I suppose we don’t know until they’re born.. but I’m defo just mainly getting 0-3 😁😁 it just depends on what you’d rather do I think hun :)

— @em93bbourn, 😘 xx

— I dressed our lo in outfits but that’s just becoz I preferred it but it’s upto u. Lots of people just use sleep suits. I just went straight for 0-3 month stuff but again can depend on size of ur baby. My lo was over 8lbs and a lot of newborn stuff only goes upto around 10lbs I think xx

— Kai mostly wore sleepsuits there's outfits he didn't wear cause they grow too quick 😂 I found it easier dressing him in sleepsuits it was too much faff putting actual outfits on him 😂 xx

— @loular16, ahh ok that’s good then I’ll just mainly get them to start with then get more outfits when she’s a little older 😁 unless my family want to buy me some 😂😂 xx

— @nataliielouiseexo, yeah I was thinking that with all the nappy changes and sick LOL I mean I don’t know this is my first but I can imagine it’s a faff 😂 xx

— I mainly had lil man in onesies, especially till his cord came off, then if we was goin out to see family or something I’d put jeans or trackie bottoms & top etc on him but most the time when we was at home he was in a onesie lol xx

— @em93bbourn, I got a lot of our stuff 2nd hand to begin with as they not in it for long so it’s like new. Try Facebook sites or nearly new sales. U can find some nice stuff and normally quite cheep xx

— @em93bbourn yeah there was a point he was having like 3 different sleepsuits 😂 he would wear an outfit if we went out for tea etc but that's it, he's always in outfits now like 😁 xx

— I mainly did onesies, no point in proper outfits they don’t really go out and onesies are comfier. Few proper outfits if you’re having a bunch of visitors over so they can look nice and stuff. I didn’t buy anymore onesies after 6 months but she still fits in them so she wears them in the House still lol. She was chunky and long when she was born but was still in newborn size for a while, I think she was a month or two before she couldn’t fit newborn anymore.

— Bundles all the way one just been looking on eBay as well and Facebook it’s so much cheaper & good as new :) & yeah good point just an outfit to see family or going out anywhere 😁👌🏼 thanks ladies 💖💖@nataliielouiseexo, @loular16, @x-t-x,

— @mamaofzuri, yeah that makes sense really... comfy and easier just having mainly onsies, it saves me hassle as well I am pretty much prepared for her if I don’t need many proper outfits ha!! xx

— Till he was around 7lbs (6 weeks old ish) he just wore sleepsuits, was too scared to put a vest on him never mind outfits. But now he tends to wear outfits everyday and sleepsuits for bed/chill days x

— Both of mine needed newborn. Morgan was 7lbs6oz & Max was 8lbs3oz. They weren't in that size for too long. Max about a month and Morgan 7/8weeks. But I found 0-3 way too big. Mine also lived in sleepsuits. Found outfits a faff and they always looked uncomfortable lol

— I didnt bothet with new born as they only go up to 7lb.. we took 0-3 month all in ones. They may be bit big but they will grow into them. Also by the sleep suites with mits attatched xx