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can braxton hicks hurt if any ine knows xxx

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— Yes I had really painful ones earlier which stopped me in my tracks

— @rachaellw how long do thay last for coz mine are making me fill sick bbe xxx

— @katiechurchill, oh really I would monitor them. Are they coming often? Xx

— @rachaellw like every 10 mins bbe xxx

— Oh really could be baby coming take paracetamol. See how it goes. Xx

— @rachaellw what this early bbe oh i hope not i will do thank you xxx

— @katiechurchill, stranger things have happened. If there coming often and getting shorter I’d probably called delivery. Try relax in a bath and see if that helps xx

— @rachaellw i will do thank you hunni xxx

— They can be uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful, or regular xx

— @katiechurchill, how did your night go xx

— @rachaellw iv got the sickness bug bbe thats what the pains were and iv still got them so im in bed with alot of rest to day bbe xxx

— @katiechurchill, oh no!! Just what you need. Bet better soon xxx

— @katiechurchill I hope you get better soon. We have a bug in our house to. X

— @rachaellw @soniawinters its the worst it really is thank you girls xxx