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Vaccinate your kids don't vaccinate your kids but if your kids aren't vaccinated don't bring them around my kid point blank period. Now get mad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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β€” Same.

β€” @damiensmommy1117 I hate that some parents dont vaccinate I understand that even though my daughter is theres still a chance she can catch whatever and I'm not gonna subject her to someone else's stupidity

β€” @morgyporgypudninpie she's gonna need them for school and the sad part is she will get most of them at one time

β€” YES

β€” @mommytok I think this is such a big issue no one addresses because they don't wanna piss anyone off

β€” Same! My poor brother is a rubella child cause when my mom was pregnant with him, she got measles. They didn’t have the vaccine back then. I take care of him now. He’s deaf, legally blind and mentally challenged and is about 8 yrs old mentally. It’s heart breaking.

β€” @amberspringer see I wish more people understood this but they don't then once their child gets sick that's when they wanna do something when it could have been prevented all together

β€” My middle son has had many hospital visits due to vaccination complications. He’s the only kid I cannot vaccinate. For some reason, his body reacts in a bad way to them. Life sucks that way πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

β€” @taylorsmommy1017, yup. It’s crazy cause my childhood friend won’t vaccinate her kids and she has been around my brother. This whole autism crap being linked thing is BS. The original doctor who said it, came out and said it’s not true. I’m vaccinated and never had issues. Same with my kids. My 18yo is perfectly fine lol

β€” @queeniefitmama, that really sucks. Maybe one day they can figure what it is that causes him to react

β€” @queeniefitmama see thats different though hw has complications your not just not vaccinating him just because you dont want to

β€” @morgyporgypudninpie see but its not that easy anymore I think they have to show some kinda proof

β€” I'm with you on that @taylorsmommy1017

β€” Same! If there isn't a medical reason to not vax your kid, they won't be around mine... meh! Still won't be around my kids if you have a medical reason.