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Got an antique wardrobe from my aunt. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
Now how do I make it get me to Narnia?

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— You gotta put it in your wardrobe Cabinet for it to work 🧞‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♂️🦁🐐

— Take me with you!!! I want me some James McAvoy faun. 😆

— @mommiesaremagical14, mmmmm me too. ☺️ we can make kids! Get it? Baby goats are called kids.

— LOL, I get it. He's been my top favorite actor ever since I saw him and Victor Frankenstein!!

— @babydiehl2016

— @mommiesaremagical14, that guy is even hot bald. 😂 like shit now I have professor X fantasies.

— @mommiesaremagical14, and then on split when they talk about him turning into the “beast” he has to eat girls the pervy voice in my head is like “oh does he now?” 😂😂

— I mean... @mommiesaremagical14,

— @babydiehl2016 have you seen any of his hometown movies? The ones he does over in Scotland.

— @mommiesaremagical14, noooooo 😲

— @babydiehl2016 fuck yeah, I'd reck that!!!

— @mommiesaremagical14, is he nuuude in these hometown movies?

— @babydiehl2016 I've Seen the Last King of Scotland with Forest Whitaker. That one was good I want to see filth and I can't wait for glass to come out. His very first movie he was 15 and it was a movie about child pornography and prostitution!!! 😰

— @mommiesaremagical14, oh I don’t wanna watch that one. Talk about boner killer.

— @babydiehl2016 I'm not sure, he was in wanted with Angelina Jolie and I'm not sure if it's his or a stunt doubles but you do see a butt.

— @mommiesaremagical14, yes I know wanted that’s a good one!

— @babydiehl2016 with Chris Pratt, talk about another hottie!!

— @mommiesaremagical14, Uhg he’s my number one. I fucking LOVE Chris Pratt omg

— @babydiehl2016 I also want to see The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. He looks like he did good in that and he's also coming out with another movie soon. Oh and trance I haven't seen that yet either he's in that with Rosario Dawson

— @babydiehl2016 If you haven't seen Victor Frankenstein you should definitely see that one. He's in it with Daniel Radcliffe he plays a really good psychopath and at the same time is it very funny!!

— @mommiesaremagical14, ive seen victor Frankenstein it is good!

— @babydiehl2016 see now here's my thing James seems to be a fan of M Night Shyamalan. Since he used to be another movie with him. I'm sorry but his movies are ridiculous.