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When did y’all have to have your blood drawn😩 I feel like it’s to early I’m not ready I hate this part!

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— I had blood drawn at 9 weeks.

— @mississippi.mama, ugh that’s crazy I seen more time to prepare for this😩

— My first appointment at 10 weeks.

— I get blood done like every 2 months. Not sure why as nothing is wrong maybe just precaution

— @akita_mommy, oh wow I could not do that! Weird now I am curious as to why they would need to do that!

— First appointment at 8wks 7 viles full

— @mommynmotion, I think it’s cause blood can tell you everything that’s wrong before the actually find something. But I’m not a doctor I’m sure they have a reason for it. Lol

— I got mine done already at 8 weeks.