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I just realized I’m 32 weeks but since he’s measuring a week ahead , it’s more like 33 weeks.
I feel 55 weeks tho 😩
My poor legs and back.
I’m in so much pain all the time i can’t even hold my little one at all or bend over

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— 😣 no fun Maybe this means he'll come early

— I'm 2cm dilated & cant hold my baby boy doctors order to

— @ceceandgianny216, what do you mean

— @raquely, they don't want me picking up my son since he's over 30 pounds

— @ceceandgianny216, ooh. My daughter only weighs about 18-20 lbs. they never said i can’t. But i physically can’t

— @raquely, my wrist are so bruised because of the IV it sucks my whole body hurts

— @raquely You're still at the stage where he can measure a week ahead now but then next week he can be caught up with the appropriate gestational age for when you conceived. Sometimes they measure ahead one week and then next time you go in hes exactly where he "should" be I guess you could say. From about 34 weeks onwards they tend to level out in growth and start packing on the weight. Mine was also measuring a week ahead according to femur and head measurements but hes looking more around right on track to only a couple/a few days ahead again so it just depends. Doesnt mean he will come early but they have their own agenda of course. I hope mine comes naturally, I'm already pretty dilated and nothing but period cramps here and there and pelvic pain/pressure. I thought for sure he'd come earlier after what the doctor said but nope. Hes hanging in there for now and probably will even with me being at 4cm 😭

— @simplyshantell, well he’s actually grown a lot , i have ultrasounds every 2 weeks. He was a week behind and now he’s a week ahead which means he’s grown a lot . And my doctor said it could be my due date was off or he’s just growing bigger.

— @raquely they grow in spurts. Might have just caught him in one, that's normal, but it usually evens itself out as the last trimester progresses and if it doesnt then your due date will change.

— @simplyshantell, i know. But we’re going off of what the ultrasounds are saying. 33 weeks