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Hi, I’m new to the app and expecting my bundle next month! Would love some unisex name ideas since we are #teamgreen and waiting to find out baby’s gender until she/he is born..?

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— No suggestions, since I had names picked for both, sorry, haha, but go team green! We were too, and the amount of people who pushed us to find out was ridiculous!

— @nomli, we’re wanting to find a unisex name we like best and then figure the middle name when she/he is here, unfortunately we can’t thinking of any gender specific names we both like, figured it narrows down the options for us. It’s been really tempting not to give in and find out for name’s sake.

— @ams_11784, the hardest part for us was a boy name, as I've had a girl's name picked since I was ten. We only picked his name a few days before he was born, because we couldn't agree. My sister and her husband didn't pick their sons name until he was a few days old.

— @ams_11784 what about Charlie? I think its the cutest unisex name for boy or girl. If you want if its a girl you can spell it Charlee. Or Avery, Sam, Sawyer, Rory, Reese.

— Logan