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I'm ready come on out baby girl!

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— Wow, all this time I didn’t know you were further along than me. Lol. You must be super excited!

— @uncouth yes I'm so ready to have my body it hurts so bad to do anything and I need to find a different job but can't do that with this big belly

— @toshagager, you’re almost there. 🙏🏽 Lol I kinda wish that were me. I want to see my baby already. Gah 11 weeks to go!

— @uncouth I know and ull be in my shoes soon lol I just can't stand this pain my ribs hurt so bad she even kicked them hard earlier today plus I can't sleep at night

— @toshagager, ooh so you’re tied with boys and girls now. Your last baby? With my son I never got rib pain. He was always in my back. I had terrible back pain.

— @uncouth yes she makes it even lol and not sure it's in Gods hands all of my kids have loved ny ribs and my spin hurts a lot

— @toshagager, you’re like a goddess. Lmfao. Idk how you deal with so many munchkins and they’re so close in age. I feel I’m gonna lose my cool with just one. I love him but 3yrs old must be the age where the shit hits the fan and splatters everywhere. Lol

— @uncouth hahaha yeah it can be crazy at times but I wouldn't change any of it I even babysit at times lol

— @toshagager, I can tell you’re graceful at parenting. I’m figuring out as I go along. I’m so happy I have an older sister to just call up all the time and annoy with tons of questions.

— @uncouth I learned along the way my older kids help me out they've been cleaning up all weekend for me and I'm the one that everyone would come to with questions I was the 1st in my family to have kids

— @toshagager, big families are beautiful when you’re able to do it. I think she will be my last. I want to tie my tubes but I am too young. So for now I will use an iud and hope it is effective at preventing pregnancy. Although abstinence isn’t looking too bad either. Haha

— Almost there...

— @uncouth oh wow really to young I have my 1st at 18 and my doc was asking me about doing and I love having a big family

— @excitedmom2be I know any day know I just hope it's not on the days I work lol

— @toshagager, but hey, get out of jail free card? Lol. Unless you love your job then that’s different. Haha.

— @uncouth well if they would actually give me days I didn't work last week then I'm on the schedule for the 21th and the 29th so I can't really pass up on what I do get

— @toshagager Oh wow me either... How the job going so far...??

— @excitedmom2be It's going good kills my back and feet but we do what we have to for our children