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I’m so irritated. My daughters father, has another daughter, she’s two months. I’m due in May. His other daughters mother, JUST found out about me, and he’s apparently been telling her that he isn’t the father of my child and that I’m “claiming” that he is. But then he messages me this, literally later that same day that his other baby mama messaged me. Like why are you playing mind gamesssss

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— Sounds like he put his seed on more women than he can handle . trying to keep her happy while pulling you along. Don't be bothered with the lies he tell hers because they'll eventually catch up to him .

— Actions speak louder than words. Let him show you instead of telling you. If he doesn’t get the stroller or diapers, fuck it. You don’t need him. Don’t depend nor wait on this man to do right by his daughter.

— I’m going through like the same exact situation and my daughter is 2 months younger than her fathers other daughter and we don’t even see him and he hasn’t met my daughter yet and what’s messed up is that we were in a relationship for a year and a half before this girl turned up pregnant