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Once I get me and my babies RIGHT to a point where I feel comfortable , I will be leaving fayetteville 🙌🏾 I love my city don't get me wrong !! I just know there's better opportunities out there for me ! & I got 2 mouths to feed DAMNITTT so best believe imma make it happen PLUS I need a new scenery 👌🏾🙌🏾

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— U coming to myrtle beach then!!

— @corasmommy12517 Girl I wouldnt mind it at all we stay like what 2 hours from myrtle beach anyways. We were actually talking about planning a trip there for the summer.

— @proudmommyoftwo_ 😮, girl.. you better come wit it!! 😁

— @corasmommy12517 How much it cost to live in SC? Or is it pretty much the same as NC?

— @proudmommyoftwo_ Same unless you live out in Conway or Loris which Conway is liner 30 mins away and Loris is about 50 and is out in the country country. The closer to the beach you live the more expensive.

— @corasmommy12517 Hell yeah girl shit i ain't trynah live near the beach no way cause soon as bad storm come they be the first ones to have to evacuate fuck that lol

— @proudmommyoftwo_ Yeah girl and we don't evacuate tho cuz we don't have enough green backs for that so we ride then bitches out 😂🙄

— @corasmommy12517 Wtf is a green back lmao

— @proudmommyoftwo_ it means money lol