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For a baby born around May 21st should I be packing pants or is just shorts okay? I have almost all shorts for our little guy and almost no pants.

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— Depends on the weather there. May here will be still a bit chilly. I don’t know how it will be in Kansas. If it’s 80+ degrees you can always bring a light muslin swaddle blanket in addition to the shorts. If you’re thinking pants then maybe something of light material.

— The first few months my son was just in pajamas. I’d say probably a couple pairs of pants since they get colder easier than we do. Rule of thumb. Whatever you’re wearing, give baby an extra layer.

— @uncouth, @db413, thanks ladies my first was born in August so a little different time frame then May. That’s why I have like all shorts haha.

— @carrsonsmommy, completely understand. My son was a winter baby. He sweat very easily. So I also think it depends on the baby. You can’t go wrong with bringing both. I’m probably gonna have my LO in a tutu with some light tights (coming home outfit) and in the hospital a onesie and some light blankets depending how cold it is in there. Summers in NYC get ridiculous. 100+ 😭

— I would pack some pants just in case the weather decides to change at the last minute. Newborns have a harder time regulating their temperature so having pants and socks is good for that as well