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Can you take a hydrocodone pill while breastfeeding ? I know we got them for postpartum meds. But I’m just curious

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— Yes but I would take an ibuprofen instead, personally.

— @kambam, I’ve been taking ib since Saturday 😩😩

— Tylenol extra? What's it for

— My OB gave me Tylenol 3 but I've heard of women having to take percocets or hydrocodone

— @kambam, sinus infection

— Sinus infections won't be helped with hydrocodone. U need antibiotics, & maybe some mucinex or nasal spray.

— Well you can definitely take the hydrocodone just watch baby for any drowsy or extreme symptoms. Use saline, warm compress on the area or steam in shower for natural relief.

— yes.

— @lifewithlynniejade88, for the pressure and pain until I see another doctor

— I definitely understand the pressure & pain. Hopefully it helps you!!