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Evening ladies 😌 Just need a bit of reassurance really if anyone has experienced the same. There’s a place under my left boob, above my belly that feels like I keep getting a muscle cramp or spasm of some kind but I’ve been getting it everyday for a couple of weeks and it’s getting really tight. Does anyone know what it could be or what could be causing it?

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— I use to get what felt like trapped something in my rib on my right side if that makes sense. I just took it as baby growing and moving everything to make room.

— I think your stomach gets squished up into the left when baby grows xx

— @beffgoude, @ezchaz, I seem to get it mostly when I’m sat down and it just seemed a bit peculiar to me. But thank you for putting my mind at ease 😊 xx

— Everything is being moved and squished so it could be that or maybe some heartburn?