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I can't wait to move out my rents ain't answering me and we got water all over my bacement floor

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— I used to live in a house where the basement would flood because of the a.c.

— So very annoying and very un healthy because of the mold.😒

— @trinia definitely even when I got animal's that goes in the bacement there is a wall that is by the drain is and its going bad my husband won't take me seriously on how dangerous this can be

— Ya exactly there was like 2 other rooms in the basment; the house i lived in before it would all get flooded. Ya not safe at all. The fucked up thing is the owner of the house would not fix it at all, thats if he lived right beside us.......😒

— @trinia that's pretty stupid if he don't plan to fix he shouldn't be selling or renting out homes it's not safe

— Exactly we moved out after 7 years of the same shit and saying he was going too.👌

— @trinia good thing you left