reaaaally bad leg pain in my upper left thigh area, almost right next to my hooha, in that little crease area. it hurts so bad i can barely even walk. has anyone had this or am i just being overly dramatic? 😩 no one believes me when i’m in pain lbs

Yes! Omg. It's horrible! I have it in both my hips and my hooha. Feels like imma snap in half! Can hardly lift my legs to put pants on, walk like an elderly woman... Lol yes. I feel you

27.10.2017 02:56

@halifax6, ok glad i’m not the only one lol i tell my mom about my leg pains and she tells me to suck it up 🙄 & at my job i’m a server so i’m on my feet all the time & these leg pains only get worse the more i walk around 😩 i’m gonna have to slow down but i feel like such a wimp lol

27.10.2017 03:05

Yes. I had pain in the same areas and it didn't get any better until I had my baby. One thing I learned is that my girls do me that way. My boys didn't

27.10.2017 03:20

@kartersmommyy I'm sorry you have to be on your feet all day. I have a desk job, so I'm off my feet, but every time I get up, it'd excruciating and I can only take small slow steps. I couldn't imagine being in my feet. But yeah, my favorite comments about voicing my aches is, oh it's gonna get worse. Suck it up! I AM sucking it up, I'm walking ain't I!! Lol you're ached are valid! Lol and I have to say, you look like a totally different person with your hair that color. it's super cute and suits you :]

27.10.2017 03:52

I had it. It is part of being pregnant. It sucked too.

27.10.2017 03:52

@halifax6, Wow thanks girly about the hair lol :) but yes we are having the same pains! if i’m sitting down & stand up, it’s soooo painful & can only take small (i wouldn’t even call mine steps) limps lol it’s terrible!

27.10.2017 04:08

@latina.mama, everything about this pregnancy is wonderful besides these damn leg cramps lol

27.10.2017 04:08

@kartersmommyy I totally feel ya. So lame. It helps to sleep with a pillow between my legs! But, only so much, and the prenatal yoga, I forgot the name of the stretch, but there is one that real helps the hips.

27.10.2017 04:15

@halifax6, i’ll have to look it up. i need all the stretching i can get!

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